Ewes and their Lambs 2015

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Ewes and their Lambs 2015
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With a sad heart, I'm listing all Dancing Lamb Farm's great breeding stock for sale .
Ron and I are getting too old to maintain a big flock anymore. These are the crème of the crop and most have been kept for my breeding program because of their outstanding qualities. This is an amazing opportunity to add great genetics to your flock.  We had a great bred ewe sale this winter and most of the ewes went to new homes. 
There are some great lambs that were born this spring to old girls or ewes that I kept to see how they would lamb this spring.  There are also a few ewes for sale that did lamb well and a couple that didn't go in the winter sale.

Click on the underlined registration numbers to see the extended pedigree on these ewes or their parents.

Listed in order of the age of the ewe.  Oldest are first.

Bea and lambs

Bea DL-42P 11yo NFS

Bea was bred to:

DL-315C  Solid moorit ram lamb
This boy is quite striking with beautiful moorit fleece and a good wide chest.  His horns look good so far. 

DL-314C   Black-grey ewe lamb
This girl is very pretty.  She seems to be taking after her sire with nice fleece and good growth.

* * * * *

Hedy 2012

Hedy DL-106R NFS

Hedy was bred to:


DL-301C White ram lamb
This Dakota son is a well built boy with good horns.  His fleece is shorter in tog but with more thel than usual.  He's a very good breeding quality ram lamb who could carry moorit.

DL-302C in front of her brother

DL-302C  Very friendly black grey ewe lamb
Olivia was a bottle baby and is VERY friendly.  She's a well built girl with a lot of personality.  Her fleece is high in tog and a pretty grey.  This Dakota daughter would be a great addition to any flock.

* * * * *

Kima and son

Kima 2014

Flotti, Haengur, Bambi genetics
Kima was bred to:

Kima's ram lamb in front

DL-320C Black-grey ram lamb
This Gabriel son has it all: Great fleece, conformation and he's easy going. 

             * * * * *            

Ami and her lambs

Ami fall of 2012

Flotti, Old Moli and Blaevar genetics

Ami was bred to:

Ami's son

DL-316C  Ami's solid moorit ram lamb
I'm still trying to decide if this boy's horns are wide enough.  I hope so because he's a good looking boy with lovely fleece and he's growing well.

Ami's dottir

DL-317C  Ami's moorit-grey ewe lamb
This girl is still a bit small and she ripped her right ear badly as a young lamb. She is growing slowly and won't be able to be bred until next year.  She has a lovely fleece (like her mom).  $550 

* * * * *

Elska fall of 2012
Kani, Aboti and Flotti genetics
Elska was bred to:

This is a great ewe that has been very productive for us over the years.  She twins regularly and is a great mom.  She was good in the milking parlor too.  She carries Flotti, Kani and Aboti genetics.  She might carry morrit. She was bred to Dakota and gave us two lovely ewe lambs.

Elska and DL-303C
DL-303C Elska daughter

DL-303C   Elska's black-grey daughter and Elska after shearing.
This black grey girl has grown like crazy.  She's showing her Dakota genetics and her dam's milking abilities.  She's well built with a fleece that's mostly thel.  The distribution of the fleece is different.  She has long tog on her shoulders but the rest of it is short.  It's quite striking! She could carry moorit.  This is a very friendly ewe-lamb also.

Elska and DL-304C
DL-304C Elska daughter

DL-304C  Elska's white ewe lamb
Another great Dakota daughter out of Elska.  This girl has a fleece that's mostly thel also.  She is very well built and is growing well.  She could carry moorit.

* * * * *

Ingrid and her babies

Ingrid spring of 2012

Flotti and Kani genetics
Ingrid is a big, strong ewe who has always twinned.  She is well built and still has nice fleece.  Unfortunately she got mastitis a couple of years ago.  She raises twins successfully but one is usually smaller than the other. She's from a good milking line.

Ingrid was bred to:


DL-308C  Black badgerface ewe lamb
This girl has nice fleece and horns and good genetics, but she is a bit small.  Her dam lost one side to mastitis and her brother seems to get most of the milk.  She won't be able to be bred this season.  $500


DL-309C  Black badgerface ram lamb
This boy got most of mom's milk and grew well.  He's a well built boy with great fleece and conformation. 

* * * * *

Cara and her lambs

2012 Cara
Flotti, Kani, Old Moli, Blaevar genetics
Cara was bred to:

Cara is the friendliest ewe on the farm.  She is best-friends with Obi our maremma and spends a lot of time cuddling with him.  Her son of a couple of years ago was used for breeding here and now is making beautiful babies on the Vasey farm in Delaware.  Cara is a solid moorit with lovely fleece too.  There is Flotti, Kani, and a bit of Old Moli and Blaevar in her background. I didn't sell her this winter because I couldn't separate her from Obi our 12 yo Maremma.  They are best friends.

Obi and Cara
Obi and Cara

Here are some pictures of the best friends.




DL-312C  Black grey ram lamb
This boy, out of Jasper, is a good looking ram lamb.  He's grown well and has very nice fleece.  His horns are good too. $600


DL-313C  Solid moorit ewe lamb
This is a very pretty girl with lovely moorit fleece and a good build. She should be friendly, as all the offspring of her dam have been. 

* * * * *

Granite summer 2012

Granite and her ram lamb

Aboti, Kani, Hunn and Flotti genetics

Granite is a nice black grey ewe with good muscling, nice fleece and horns.  She didn't lamb last year (it turned out to be a ram problem) so I didn't offer her in the bred ewe sale, just to be sure it wasn't her.  She had a very nice ram lamb this year.

Granite was bred to:


DL-319C  Black grey ram lamb
A nice big Dakota lamb who has very close horns. Too bad.  NFS

* * * * *

Eirwin and her ewe lamb

Eirwin & DL-300C her white ewe lamb

DL-300C This lamb is lovely.  She has great fleece, conformation and horns. She's got a refined face and a nice personality.

Eirwin DL-102A Fall 2014
Grabotni and Kani genetics

Eirwin was bred to:

Eirwin, a Grabotni granddaughter also carries Kani & Flotti genetics.  She might carry moorit.  Her dam,Helena was one of the prettiest ewes we had here with lovely fleece and horns plus a good build.  This girl looks a lot like her dam.  She twinned this year without assistance.

* * * * *

205B and her ewe lamb


DL-205B Registration pending  1yo
Aboti, Flotti and Kani genetics

This first time mom delivered unassisted and has been very attentive to her little girl.  Mom is a lovely moorit grey with good conformation and very nice fleece. 

Sire: DL Ram M2H 121A

Dam: Tawney DL-831X

DL-205B was bred to:


DL-321C  Moorit grey ewe lamb
This little one was only 5.5 lbs at birth and she's catching up with the rest of the lambs pretty well. She's very well built, with lovely fleece and strong horns.  She probably won't reach breeding size this fall since she's only 67 lbs now (9/16/15). 

* * * * *

DL-208B and her ram lamb

DL-208B Registration pending  1yo
Kani, Flotti, Aboti and a tiny bit of Old Moli genetics

This is another lovely moorit grey ewe.  She singled without assistance but the lamb was a bit premature.  She was so attentive and managed to keep him going with just a bit of help from the shepherd.  She's a beautiful ewe with great fleece, horns and build.

Sire: Jasper DL-937Z

Dam: Mia DL-817X

DL-208B was bred to:

DL-208B and ram lamb

DL-322C  Solid moorit ram lamb
I think this little guy has bad horns.  He was late born and premature so I will do another evaluation before deciding about him.  He does have lovely moorit fleece.  NFS - horns too tight

* * * * *

 * * * * *

DL-260B and her ram lamb DL-318C

DL-260B Registration pending  1yo
Bessi, Flotti and Kani genetics

Sire: Dante DL-464T

Dam: Bess DL-664W

DL-260B was bred to:

DL-260B  This black grey ewe also lambed unassisted and has been a very good mom.  The ewe is quite nice with pretty fleece and beautiful wide horns plus a good strong build. 

DL-318C is a very nice looking ram lamb.  His solid black fleece is very nice and his build is good.  I think his horns will be good too, but would like one more evaluation to make up my mind.  I expect he will be offered for sale.

* * * * *

Simone shorn

Simone end of winter

Simone is an unregistered, 6 year old, black badgerface ewe with spectacular fleece and horns.  She is out of old True North genetics and could have been registered but her owners didn't do it.  They are friends and they can't keep her anymore.  She has not been in contact with sheep from other farms and her parents came from this farm, so I am comfortable with her health status. 
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