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Catskill Mountain Tomme
An aged, handcrafted, Icelandic sheep's milk cheese.  The milk comes from ewes that are grassfed on mountain pastures. The cheese it produces is rich, with hints of warm meadows, clover and wild thyme.  It is a natural rind cheese that is mold ripened in our underground "cheese grotto".  The cheese is firm in texture with a complex, earthy flavor and a slightly nutty finish.



This cheese is available locally at:
The Catskill Point Farmer's Market (summer only)
The Troy Indoor Farmer's Market (winter market)
Heather Ridge Farmstore in Preston Hollow, NY (open 2nd and 4th Saturday's in the winter)  
We also have cheese available now from the farm.  It retails at $19.50/lb. Please call for an appointment before coming.
We will ship cheese to continental US addresses.  We do not accept credit cards or paypal but we do take checks, money orders and cash.  Contact us by email or phone (9am - 9pm Monday to Saturday) to make arrangements. 
Note:  We also have grassfed, pasture raised lamb for sale at the farm.  For more information go to our Pasture-raised lamb page.

Contact: Mike (Mary Michael) Kelley
Dancing Lamb Farm & Icelandic Sheep Dairy
212 Harold Meyer Road
Earlton, NY  12058
518  634-2196