Art and Writing at Dancing Lamb Farm

Adult Rams 9/21/15
Ewes and their Lambs 2015
Pasture-raised lamb
Art and Writing at Dancing Lamb Farm
Lamb bottle feeding amounts
Directions to the farm

We're so lucky to have friends that are artists and writers who occasionally document happenings at the farm.   Here's a link to a video and sketch by James Gurney done on shearing day 10/15/12 (it's from his blog which is VERY interesting - especially for artists and Dinotopia fans): 
The sheep he drew in 2012 looked a bit fierce.


The sheep he drew in 2011 (first picture) and 2013 are more pastoral!

Shearing day 2011 by James Gurney

Shearing day 2013 - James Gurney

Here are a couple of sketches he did at our farm back when it was True North Farm:

Here's some writing by Dorothy Crane, our friend who comes to help on the farm on our weekly big job day (or Dorothy Day as we call it). These were published in About Town, a paper from the Rhinebeck, NY area.

Sweater Weather

Coyote Winter

Waiting for Yellow

A Neighborhood of Animal Farms * More a news feature - Dancing Lamb is at the end of the piece.

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